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Storm Water Management Services

Our number one priority is reducing pollution in urban runoff and protecting our marine ecosystems.

We are your one-stop-shop for your property’s stormwater maintenance needs.

Stormwater inspections
Stormwater inspections


Eliminate the guesswork and ensure compliance by having one of our stormwater specialists conduct your required inspections.

Stormwater Treeatment Control Maintenance Services


Stormwater Treatment Control Maintenance Services on various types of stormwater filtration devices (storm drain filters, linear curbs, underground vaults, bioswales, etc.). Federal, state and local agencies require that all installed BMP Systems be maintained on a regular basis.

Stormwater Treeatment Control Maintenance Services

Low Impact Development (LID) BMP Maintenance

The main goal of Low Impact Development is to preserve the site’s natural hydrology. Many sites have different constraints and may not posses the necessary characteristics to integrate LID as a stand-alone approach; therefore, a combination of control measures may be required to meet the required minimum LID goal.

Excessive sediment build-up causes interference of infiltration; root intrusion, and invasive overgrowth reduces water movement through the soils thereby diminishing pollutant removal capacities and their natural biological processes. This inevitably results in unplanned corrective maintenance. 

Geo4 will develop the necessary plan needed to properly implement a sustainable operational maintenance plan and ensure continued effectiveness of the installed LID BMP –and just as important – assist with your budget. Geo4 brings years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the unique water quality features necessary to maintain your specific BMP.

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